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Prepaid Visa® RushCard

Rush Card application apply for Rush Card
  • Created by Russell Simmons to provide Financial Freedom and Respect
  • Guaranteed approval*
  • No Credit Check
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • No Overdraft Fees/ No Check Fees/ No Interest Fees
  • Free Credit Builder
  • 56% of cardholders save over $300/ year using the RushCard
  • Make money with our Refer A Friend Program
  • Reloadable with a $10,000 maximum balance
  • Free Email/ SMS Alerts

    Credit Reporting - Members can opt in to have bill payments made with RushCard reported to PRBC who will start a positive credit file for them. Lender may in the future use this information for granting loans and lines of credit.


    In today's world you need "plastic." RushCard is not a credit card. Russell Simmons created the RushCard so that you could enjoy the benefits of a credit card without the expensive penalties, high interest rates, and danger of debt that a credit card can expose you to. The RushCard will empower you financially by providing a safe place to store your money until you are ready to spend it however and wherever you want. Apply Now!




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